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If you've been experiencing connectivity/range issues, Mizu goes offline, or it doesn't consistently update at the frequency you set, here's a solution to try: Factory Reset.

Here's how to perform a Factory Reset:

1. Press and Hold Both Buttons: Press and hold top and bottom buttons on your Mizu
2. Release the Top Button: After 3 seconds, release the top button while still holding the bottom button
3. Wait for the Green light to Blink: Continue to hold the bottom button until the green light starts blinking, which should take around 5 seconds (the green light will blink for maximum ~30 seconds before you can perform any subsequent actions such as pairing the Sensor with your Mobile to re-provision it and connect it to the internet).

The factory reset will clear all the data on your Mizu. More importantly, it also resets the Wi-Fi Calibration data that was initially set at the factory when the firmware was uploaded onto the Sensor. After you perform the Factory Reset, you will need to
re-provision your Mizu to the Internet. During re-provisioning, the Sensor will perform a full Wi-Fi Calibration of your environment.

Also, an updated firmware (v1.0.3) has been released which aims to fix these connectivity issues. You can also try to update your firmware by pressing the Update Firmware button in the Sensor Settings Popup.

Please note. You can only perform a factory reset on Mizu's that are using firmware 1.0.0+.