Wirelessly Monitor The Climate Of Your Garden On Your Smartphone


Kokonaut Weather Sensors is a WiFi Hygrometer & App with Alerts. Wirelessly connect the Sensor to your WiFi Router to retrieve the Current Temperature & Humidity values of your Farm or Garden through your Mobile Device. 
Wirelessly Monitor your Grow anywhere in the World to create a Healthier Environment, Better Plant Growth, and Maximize Yield.


As the Seasons change so does the Climate. Regardless if you're indoors or outdoors, a change in the Temperature or Humidity is usually the most noticeable and affects the plants health. Our Sensors help make sure the conditions of your Farm will still produce the optimal yield for your Plants by continuously monitoring the Climate.


Get Notified when values reach past a certain point. Now you rest assured that your Plants are in a comfortable Climate.


Do you know how cold it can get at night, or how low the Humidity has dropped in the Winter? Charts gives you Historical Data into your Grow and provides you with greater Insight on how your Space is doing (Currently In Development. Available Soon)


Monitor multiple locations in the app. Each sensor has a unique pin that you can share with others so they can monitor as well.

Maintain a Healthy Climate For Your Farm

  • Temperature & Humidity Logger

    Retrieve Garden Temperature & Humidity Values On Your Mobile Device

  • WiFi Enabled

    Connect the Sensor Wireless to the Internet Through Your WiFi Network

  • Push Notifications

    Receive a Push Notification When Values Go Past a Certain Point

  • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)

    Place a Second Sensor on the Plant Canopy to Track VPD

  • Charts & Visualizations

    Get Insight on the Behaviour of your Farm by Visualization Historical Climate Data

  • Track Multiple Sensors

    Keep Track of Multiple Locations. Each sensor has a unique PIN so anyone can monitor


How Does This Device Work?

Place the sensor in your Farm and connect it to the WiFi network. The sensor will then automatically send data to the cloud every 15 minutes on the current Temperature & Humidity values. You will then be able to monitor the climate of your space through your Mobile Device anywhere with Internet Connection

Who Is This Device For?

This device is for the Farmer who wants to maintain a good climate for their Farm. As the seasons change Climate changes too regardless of whether you're in an indoor greenhouse. Our system provides valuable insight to the Farmer so that they can keep a consistent climate for their Farm. Farmers with multiple plots of land also find it useful to be able to monitor their operations remotely.

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