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The Calendar Heatmap is an innovative visualization tool that allows you to effortlessly track and analyze the number of times your sensor has triggered an alert or gone offline over a specific period of time.

Calendar Heatmap allows you to easily track alerts triggered by your sensor. By visualizing the thresholds that are frequently triggered, you gain valuable insights into the behavior and performance of your sensor. This empowers you to make informed decisions and implement necessary adjustments to optimize its functionality.

Calendar Heatmap takes it a step further by providing a visual representation of these alerts. This enables you to gain a view of the frequency and duration of the triggered alerts, helping you identify any recurring patterns.

Offline tracking of your sensor is crucial in ensuring its reliability. By monitoring and logging instances when the sensor goes offline, you can proactively identify any potential issues and take corrective measures. This helps maintain a high level of service reliability and also aids in debugging and troubleshooting any feature updates or enhancements.

Calendar Heatmap is a powerful tool that enhances reliability and performance. It equips you with the knowledge and understanding to optimize your system's functionality to deliver reliable service.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to your feedback as you explore the exciting capabilities of the Calendar Heatmap.